About Company Incorporation :

The company New Era Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in New Delhi (India) under the companies Act, Govt of India 1956, in the National Capital Territory of Delhi & Haryana, on 18th November’ 2009.

The two founder Directors are :

· Dr. T. C. Tripathi (M.Sc, Ph.D)

· Dr. Om P. Nangia(M.Sc, M.Tech.,Ph.D)

Our VisionDreaming A Brighter & Cleaner World with Green Power

Our Mission: Providing Green Energy Solutions

Our Philosophy: Energy & Ecological Security


Main Objectives of CompanyProvide consultancy services in all aspects for Solar Energy Technologies and Energy Efficient Green Buildings.

•To represent solar companies from abroad in India and Asia, and to assist them in marketing of their solar related products, materials and systems, to help these and other new companies in setting up/manufacturing/assembling facility in India for the solar energy systems, products and materials, to assist in Installation & Commissioning related activities of the solar energy systems/products/power plants in India/abroad for different clients, to undertake studies and Research & Development activities pertaining to improvement in the performance of existing and New Solar Energy Technologies & Systems.

•To take up for consultancy and related work, solar energy systems in general based on : Solar Thermal such as water heaters, solar air heaters/dryers, solar concentrating collectors, solar desalination systems, solar air-conditioning/ swimming pools and other solar heating & solar thermal power systems, Solar Photovoltaic Systems such as solar lanterns, solar home lighting systems, solar street lighting systems, solar pumps, stand alone, grid connected and hybrid PV power plants, roof top PV systems/BIPV and other solar PV power systems, Concentrating Solar Systems for Green Power generation, Energy Efficiency, Energy Audit, Green Buildings and Energy Conservation, CDM and Carbon credits, Green Energy Projects Financing etc.

•To build, own and operate Grid connected or De-centralised Solar Thermal Power and PV Power Plants and either use the clean and green electricity for self or sell it to the distribution company/third party.

•To own or take on lease the solar farms/power systems at users premises and sell green power to the potential users i.e. to act as Energy Supply Company (ESCO).

•To import solar energy equipments, devices/systems and materials for assembly and installation/marketing in the country /elsewhere.